Hello and welcome! I appreciate you just taking time out of your day to even scroll and take a look! My Ko-fi page was initially made to support friends and other creators and artists! I will still support them with all my heart!! All donations will go toward my longtime dream of... having my own cosplay/fashion photobook, & improving my twitch stream. Your contributions will fund: >Materials to make cosplay and/or props >Since I can get busy, cosplay/props I buy or commission >Printing costs >Photography costs ( They're very hardworking! ) >Streaming equipment! This includes new hardware or software. Future cosplay I have planned (Or want to do badly) >Yoshizawa Kasumi, Persona 5 Royal (Both Thief version and School [School ver. Purchased!) >Popuko, Pop Team Epic [PURCHASED! Thank You!!] >Ryougi Shiki, Kara no Kyoukai >Shuten Douji, Fate/Grand Order >D.Va, Overwatch > Venti, Genshin Impact (Thank you V!!!!!) I know I don't put myself out there that much, but I'll do my best to reach goals on my own and share new things! I'm always on twitter, so feel free to @ me or drop me a message! Thanks again for looking! Buhbyeeeee P.S. Here's my throne, if you were interested! https://throne.me/himeroar/

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