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(ಥ﹏ಥ) Thank you so much for liking and supporting my art. It means a lot! All your wonderful comments are what keep m...

Doc Burford

Hi! I'm Doc! A while ago, I got really sick and was eventually diagnosed with Chronic Pain and Chronic Fatigue. These ha...

Nadia Shammas

Hello Friends, I am a coffee addicted comics journalist, editor, and writer. I'm also the curator and creator of CORPUS:...

RandaBear Designs


Twitch moderator and freelance artist


Student/artist traveller living in the desert for school. Creator & manager of Sundogsfire.com Your support could b...

Cathryn Stark

Sound designer, moviegoer, technology enthusiast, woman of science and squid aficionado 🦑. Co-founder of of Stark & Ste...


Queer Art Dog doing cartoons in the woods! Pronouns: She/Her | Xe/Xir Age: 26 Commissions: Soon but feel free t...

James Patrick

Until you’ve been trolled by a hostile foreign state, you haven’t lived. Writer. Filmmaker.


I love dogs and forensic science ovobr/I draw comics when I'm not at work or DnDing!!



COMMISSIONS ARE CLOSED FOR NOW br/br/Hi I’m Capri and I’m a huge Blizzard fan. I am a 2D artist that is slowly teaching...

Artisan Works

Just a wanna be artist/writer trying to move up in the world. I hope to write a graphic novel about my characters.


Hello and welcome to my page :3! br/I am a spanish artist who wants to live from art! Any purchase is appreciated to pro...


Hiya! I'm Otekah, a freelance artist and Blizzard fangirl! I do both digital and traditional doodles!

Cheerful Nihilism

Life is meaningless and there is no god, but it's not a cause for pessimism. If you can laugh at it, you can live with i...

Sian Meades

Freelance Writing Jobs is a weekly newsletter that lists *paying* writing gigs and editors actively-seeking pitches. It'...




psychology student & freelance modelographer who has a lot of dreams.


Hello I draw things


Freelance artist studying to do storyboarding & slowly developing my own ideas.

ジェイ君先生 (Jay-kun Sensei)

Former NKM48 Head Translator. I translate a wide variety of Japanese media into English, such as variety shows, dramas, ...