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Galicia Méndez

Katya Love & Rage

20 year old trans woman blogger and YouTuber. Black Blogs: https://notesfromunderground.blackblogs.org/ YouTube: ...


I write blog posts about information security, technology, games, and game design.

You Had One Job

I’m one guy who runs a few social medi accounts @_youhadonejob @AwardsDarwin ‪@holdmyale ‬‪@CaughtCctv ‬‪@Crazyinnasia ...


I'm a singer and artist who's trying to make her way through college. I mainly do anime covers.


Grad student trying to make ends meet in DC! Thank you for your support~


I like to draw and post shit content on Twitter


I make game art, drink tea and smooch cats!

Alex Roberts

I design games, I write for them, and I write about them too! You know me from twitter.


Welcome to my ko-fi, this place functions as a tip tool for you. Thankfully I have a job and I'm healthy, so this can he...

GM Leigh

Mage Productions. Creator of Things. Designer of Stuff. Master of Games. Painter of Dudes.


Hello! I'm just a simple shy guy trying my best to make everyone's lives a little bit better! But even I am facing strug...

Isabella (@moonlitetae)

i drink approximately 1~3 coffees per day this helps fight the good fight



I'm just a car loving girl trying to survive


YouTube gamer -Soap Opera Comic Maker - And lover of all things gaming! Welcome to my Ko-Fi guys! All donations go towar...

Chris Messina

Ever-curious product designer and technologist. Hashtag inventor. Previously: Molly.com (YC W18), Uber, Google.


COMMISSIONS ARE CLOSED FOR NOW br/br/Hi I’m Capri and I’m a huge Blizzard fan. I am a 2D artist that is slowly teaching...


Hi! Thanks for the visit. I am an aspiring artist and RPG player based in the UK. I work for Asmodee UK and spend my wor...


I'm a 20 yr old skeleton who loves league of legends and Lucian!


Nintendo stole my heart ❤ br/german | always 11 | INFP | ♓br/br/hashtag: high functioning game-nerdette 🎩br/br/3AM wisd...


Hosting a raffle to win my Twenty Øne Piløts record portrait 😊 1 Ko-fi = 1 Entry Details below; click *support* to...