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Eli Barraza

Hey there! I'm an LA based creator who primarily writes and acts for audio fiction including shows like ars PARADOXICA a...



I make game art, drink tea and smooch cats!


Fifi - 20 y.o - french college. • Dubber in practice. • I'm writting a novel. • I draw too. • I moved on Paris fo...

Addison Peacock

Voice actor, freelance writer, podcaster, general Spooky Girl.


Hi!br/br/I'm Milki - a singer, actor and artist that generally spends time using her talents to contribute to the world ...

Forest Soul (WT)

»Two different ideas of death and end-of-life care collide with each other in a fantastical setting.« Forest Soul (WT...


Hey guys! I'm Melodiva and I'm a voice actress for projects like League of Legends Skin+ team, and ManOnTheInternet's Ch...

Sebastian Todd

I'm a professional voice actor who's participated in numerous animations, videogames, and anime.


Hi! I'm an animator and artist for Planet Dolan, currently working non-stop and would love to work more on a personal co...


I'm a Professional Voice Actress & Voice Director. I also run Sound Cadence Studios.


Playwright, cultural critic, Yiddish arts enthusiast, and unregulated practitioner of Jewish sociology. Providing out of...