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Hi there! I’m Kerri, I’m UK based Content Creator! I burp more than 99.8% of the population and I’m a giant weeb! I wish...

Samantha Barbot

College Student in need of Money


I'm Elizafox I mostly shitpost but I do other thingies Give me money to support my shitposting Or don't I'm ...


hey i'm miki 25 ♤ he/him funding my ko-fi will help me have money to afford food, and afford trans related items!


21. mom and I are trying to save up money for living expenses and moving out at some point. if you'd like to support us ...


My passion is film, my amusement is art, I wish I had money so we weren't apart.

Jen Liu

Artist and writer looking to save up to move out


I'm a young artist who has very limited money to help support my family. If you could donate anything it would help!


im an artist a young one with that and i just wanna make enough money to buy things i need and try to make a living off ...

Jay occultboyfriend

hello if you send me three dollars I will draw you something Your money will go primarily towards sandwiches


If you'd like to spoil me, please use this service. All donations are greatly appreciated 💋