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Cohen Edenfield, aka Cohen is a Ghost

Hi! How's it going? Everything going alright? I hope so. If not, I'm sorry. I get it. I hope things turn around soon. It...


@Lucariina/@uruuriya on twitter. 24yo fanartist/writer, loves OCs and drawing her own as well as other people's.


James. 20. They/them. I do writing and art sometimes.

Patrick A Susmilch

Patrick Susmilch is a wonderful lil’ bag of neuroses wrapped in a cute outfit. Always a somber optimist, he tackles big ...

Bree Mae

♿ Encourager. Patron saint of the allergic. Hydration enthusiast. Mom of @hydrationcat, creator of @queerenough & #MyPai...

Courtney Enlow

Writer/editor, focused on mental health, feminism, pop culture and the areas where they all intersect.


A daily vlogger living in Paris and writing science fiction and fantasy books when he's not hunting for nachos or coffee...


Hello~ I draw characters and create lore based on a series I'm currently working on. Stick around if you'd like! **C...


Hello! I write Reylo fanfiction under the name FrozenOJ on AO3. I'm also displaced due to Hurricane Michael's catastroph...

Elle Maruska

Hi! On Twitter I talk about cats and social justice and books and sadness!

Elliott Junkyard

Elliott is a queer trans author and artist. He writes queer romance and sci-fi/fantasy. He also makes educational zines ...


Hello, I'm Betty and I need help to escape the trap I'm living in. I need help to continue writing, which is my only sou...

That Bard, There.

Who am I?- A perilous do-gooder on a quest of nerd-tastic proportions! Bard, artist, geek, world-builder, game-master &...


everything should be gayer


Hi, I'm Heather. A single mother of a teenager and I write poetry occasionally. I recently graduated from Tulane Unive...


I`m a Novel writer, A new one, I hope you guys would like my creations! Thanks a bunch!


I write things

Peyton C Presgrove

Cartoon & Comic Blogger just trying to make his way in the world.


Author of Heatwaves on Autopilot, Crowd Pleaser, @k-baby and more. Please consider dropping a donation if you enjoy read...


I'm Jay, an illustrator, graphic designer, and writer! I make art about wizards!


Writer of Swan Queen fanfic and desperate lover of takeaway pizza


Artist and Writer, I hope to add to the content of fandoms and help expand my own writing and ideas, hopefully so that o...


Art and writing have been my passion for most of my life. I draw ever since I can remember, and my motivation to pursue ...


Just a humble artist working for fun! I'd like to maybe do bigger things with my ideas someday, so, every bit counts! ...


I am a creator. I thrive on creativity through various mediums.


It's-a me, Rin! If you like using Notter you can shoot me a couple moneys to defray hosting costs. (You don't have to!) ...


I'm a writer working in game development who writes things that are just barely PG-13. Seriously, even I'm surprised som...

Kelly Martin

I'm a mental health blogger, podcaster, indie author and mental health radio producer. After what felt like a decade of ...

Bernard Doove

I am a writer, author of many anthropomorphic tales, creator of the Chakat Universe, and I enjoy making MLP fanfics. I l...


Hey! I'm Gee and I write a lot. Mostly about superheroes. Find me rambling on Archive of Our Own and tumblr as @itsallav...

Chris Kindred

I see things and I draw/write/rant about them.

James Patrick

Until you’ve been trolled by a hostile foreign state, you haven’t lived. Writer. Filmmaker.


Hooroo onya cobber. I'm Ronnie, a 24 year old illlustrator, writer, and social media ghoul from NSW Australia. I curr...

Andrew Ellard

Writer of things, script editor of things you actually like. This page exists just in case you’re enjoying #tweetnotes.

Marc Edward Heuck

I know ridiculously obscure details about film. Some people seem to think it's a legitimate talent. If you're one of the...