Joe Koch

Here's what some of my favorite authors are saying about my new collection CONVULSIVE: “There’s something to be said of a writer with an exceptional dexterity when it comes to language, an expert prowess when it concerns crafting beguiling and truly visceral text that will mystify and astound even the most temperamental of readers. Joe Koch is indeed a writer with such a gift—an immense talent when it comes to language that spellbinds, enchants, and bewilders the reader until they are transformed. Their work is magnetic, transformative, and alluring while simultaneously serving as something especially grotesque.” —Eric LaRocca, author of Things Have Gotten Worse Since We Last Spoke “Joe Koch is a phenomenal talent who writes with poetic fury. Heart-rending and fearsome, Convulsive joins a handful of collections that show off the range and importance of contemporary horror.” —Laird Barron, author of Swift to Chase “The stories of Convulsive dazzle and stun the reader with brutal beauty and surreal intensity. This collection’s deftly subversive themes and stylistic complexity dare you to witness its unique and transgressive radiance.” —Tiffany Morris, author of Havoc In Silence “Convulsive is packed with stories that are as bloody as they are poetic. This is at once a celebration of horror, an exploration of humanity, and an explosion of beautiful language. Darkness rarely shines so bright. Koch will sear their name inside your heart.” —Gabino Iglesias, author of Coyote Songs

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