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I am a writer and photographer from the UK. I had a dream to travel the world and see certain places in my lifetime. This dream was partially realised in my mid-twenties when I travelled to many of these places. My travels not only took me some of these places, but gave birth to my creative side and a new life as a writer and a photographer. My writing and photography were born from my desire to travel to exotic countries. A four-month journey around Mexico then filled me with the desire to capture the wonderful life and scenery that had filled my eyes and fuelled my imagination, and a desire to tell my stories to others. Unfortunately back then all I had was a very old compact camera with a severely scratched lens, so the images I took really weren’t very good. But I saw the potential in what was there and, upon return, decided to invest in my first SLR and start to learn how to take better photos. The rest, as they say, is history. During my travels I met a lovely girl from Slovenia, and we now have 2 wonderful children. Needless to say, travelling is not so easy and saving the money for trips is also difficult. Children are expensive. But I still try to get out to some places especially in Slovenia, and chart them on my YouTube channel, along with tutorials. I also write regular articles for my travel blog and photography blog, which are available for anyone to view free of charge. I have also written a guide to learning photography, which you can buy as a paperback or download for free on my website below.

Ian Middleton
I offer a number of free articles and videos on my photography and travel blogs: https// You can also download my free ebook guide to learning photography here: These will always be free, but of course it takes me time and money to put them together, so as I love coffee and need it to keep me working at night, any coffees will be greatly appreciated.

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