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My first goal is receiving a total of 100 Ko-fis by the end of 2020! With each Ko-fi you donate, you get access to exclusive content about my novel, 'Iara's Crossing,' including character profiles, my process in developing key aspects of the story, and artwork that could be in the final publication! The more you donate, and if you follow my Ko-fi page, the more of 'Iara's Crossing' you get to see before the rest of the world! Thank you for the support! ~Iara Warriorfeather


Hi! I am an artist and a writer with the nom de plume Iara Warriorfeather! I create traditional illustrations featuring prehistoric creatures, in particular dinosaurs. With your Ko‑fi donations, you can commission me for artwork, and help me publish my first novel, 'Iara's Crossing'! Thank you for supporting my work and helping me grow as an artist! Your contributions are always appreciated.

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Iara Warriorfeather
I use Ko-fi donations for: -Art supplies (Copic markers are about $6-8 each!) -Bills (usually toward my smaller bills like gas/electric) -Groceries/actual coffee or tea ($4 Starbucks is a must during the semester!) Each Ko-fi you donate gets you: -Custom artwork AND/OR -Sneak peek at my novel, 'Iara's Crossing' -Unending gratitude and floofy feathered dino love forever! <3

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