Ryvin Ue
I've been an artist since the dawn of time. On this site, I'm hoping to combine a sampling of my various explorations in one spot...and also encourage myself to finally post my huge backlog of content in digestible morsels. A brief chronology of the starting points of my continuing journey: pre-history = painting 1995 = photography (print) 1998 = graphic designer 2001 = cosplay/prop construction 2007 = photography (digital) 2011 = painting (digital) 2018 = surface/fabric design (Additionally, I have been facilitating others' creative endeavors over the years as a: darkroom lab tech, website designer, product photographer, printshop proofer, Adobe teachers' aide, masquerade construction judge, cosplay.com moderator, photoshoot location scout, gaffer, live workshops and online resource curator. *All but 1.5 of those roles were/are volunteer positions.)

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