Lennox Rees

🌱👋 ABOUT IVYLY 👋🌱 Hi, I am Lennox, a collage artist, graphic designer, and creative director. I bring a unique perspective and conceptual, outside the box ideas to projects through my intuitive artist mindset. I love pushing boundaries and inspiring new solutions through creative problem-solving. I have been intentionally aware of how my creativity is connected to my mental, physical, and spiritual health. When I create, it helps me heal. Having a creative career, whether full-time or part-time, not enough focus is placed on personal development, boundaries, and energy even though that is what it exactly takes to be super creative. Everything I create is rooted in a personal need, which makes me feel drawn to share the power of it with you. I focus on creating functional art for daily life to maintain balance, encourage growth, and bring happiness. Outside of art and design, I enjoy living on the north coast of Oregon with my husband and our family of animals. I love thrifting, fashion & style, watching anime, playing video games, reading graphic novels, and chilling out. ☁️💗 HOW YOUR SUPPORT HELPS 💗☁️ Your support allows me to continue steps towards my creative dreams and endeavors. I want to create, produce, and share products with you, whether it's a small sticker exchange or purchasing a journal from my shop. My time and energy will go towards a larger community here and connect more creatively with my content creation. ✨🔮 WHAT DO YOU RECEIVE 🔮✨ For now, you will receive a thank you and my forever gratitude. I am planning on establishing reward tiers so everyone can get a little something out of it.

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