James Kerwin
I have some exciting news that I can finally share with you all... in 2021 - I shall finally have a book out! After no less than 4 unsuccessful attempts dating back as far as 2016, during December 2020 I received confirmation by Jonglez Publishing that my book idea had finally been signed off and is now on their list to be out by October 2021. It has taken a lot of work to get to this point as it is based on the foundations that I started back in 2019 - when I visited Lebanon for the first time. This book will cover the country from Tripoli in the North to Tyre in the South with a large chunk dedicated to Beirut of course. The idea is to showcase the best in hidden, ruined, and beautiful lost architecture - with stories and historical information. A local will also discuss the heritage lost during the 2020 Beirut blast, and how the locals are trying to preserve the buildings now. With your support, I can push this project onto great things! With the unfortunate time frame on this book, which has somewhat been thrown on us by the pandemic (my deadline is May 1st 2021 for all images and text), it leads to the overall project being tight on time but also becoming a little more expensive than I had originally planned for. So, I had a little think... For this project, I wish to enrol the support of two locals. Firstly, I have been introduced to a Lebanese writer - whom I wish to have write sections of this book, mainly surrounding her thoughts on the heritage lost during the Lebanese blast. This is so that my historical facts and information can be top quality and by doing this of course, I am also supporting another artist. My second goal is to raise funds to donate directly (cash to hand) to the Beirut Heritage Initiative. I will swap this donation for access to locations to photograph for the book. We are talking in all areas of Beirut, but specifically tough-to-access spaces. By supporting this project through this Ko-Fi page, you can help with the aim of raising these over budget costs and paying for this local support - which will make this project great! UPDATE: After just TWO weeks I reached my goal of $700 to pay for a Lebanese writer. I then reached a second goal to secure my over-budget costs. So now my new goal (goal 3) is to raise funds for the Beirut Heritage Initiative. They will swap permission to photograph places and interiors with all the proceeds from this point on. HOWEVER, I have also been donated an upgrade to Ko-Fi GOLD STATUS, which means everyone that contributes to the project now can now see exclusive content that I post here – hidden behind that paywall. I thank each and every one of you for your support. Cheers, James.

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