James P. Sumner

Thank you for visiting my Ko-Fi page! I've set this up as a way to interact with my readers while supporting my business. Here's how it works: You have the opportunity to buy your favourite introverted creative (that's me) a digital coffee. It's a really nice one — strong, flavoursome, and cheaper than a Starbucks Venti. You can do it two ways. You can simply treat me to a one-off coffee, whenever the urge takes you. Here are some good examples of when this would be useful: * When I'm deep into writing a new novel and I need help retaining my humanity (and sanity). * Approaching the release day of a new book, as my nerves are shredded and I've likely not slept in a week. * Mondays. * Thursdays — because no one likes Thursdays. It's still technically mid-week, but it's worse than Wednesday because it thinks it's Friday and it's not. Screw you, Thursday. Alternatively, if you really like me (or, if you can take or leave me, but really like my books... whatever), we can make it a regular coffee date. Once a month, you can give me a shot of inspiration (or espresso — both work fine). The choice is yours. This type of support is a wonderful gesture for the following reasons: - It's a simple and effective way to support my work. - It's also a great way for authors and readers to connect. - It makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside knowing someone cares enough to buy me a coffee. - It's just a really nice thing to do for someone, and the kind gesture will probably make you feel good, too. Hope to see you around! James

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