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Full of warm colours, cats, and laughs, JamKats’ goal is to create cute stickers and stationery to make you smile! Their two main mascots, Benji and Isko, are inspired by Zac’s (aka JamKats’) in-real-life domestic shorthairs. -- My stickers are inspired by my two boys, Benji and Isko, the adventures they have, and their cat-tastic personalities! 🐱 Benji, a gray/brown tabby, loves to meow and run around. He's an fluff ball of endless energy and he's always up to something! 🐱 Isko, a yellow/tan cat, likes to nap and lick things. You can often find him staring off into space or sitting on your pillows. -- ☕Ko-Fi Rewards ☕ Buy me a coffee, a $3 one-time donation, to become a supporter! Supporters are given access to WIPs, first-look previews, and more. 💌One-time donations of $8 or more with a note regarding "Sticker Club" in the message gets you access to that month's sticker club! NOTE: You will also need to give me your address for this to work... I'll be adding it as a shop listing starting 2023 to make this more convenient for all of us! ☕MEMBERSHIPS The best way you can support me is by signing up for a monthly membership! My featured membership, FlanKats, is a sticker club. However, I also have two different downloads club options! All members get 10% off commissions, commission priority, sale codes, sticker club related WIPs, and special shop items. Enrollment for physical rewards ends on the 4th Saturday of each month. ☕Ko-fi Shop☕ While I do list products on my main bigcartel shop, my ko-fi shop has downloadable freebies, prints, and samples! * Members receive discount codes for BOTH shops. -- Thank you for visiting my ko-fi page! Even if you cannot support financially, sharing and engaging with my work means a lot to me as well ❤️ I hope you have a cat-tastic day!

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