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Jan Blencowe
Welcome to my Ko-Fi Page. If you are longing to deepen your connection to the Earth and the wisdom of the seasons through creative process and inner journey work you're going to love it here. Monthly membership is just $4, (more if you'd like, it's always greatly appreciated!) and at the very minimum includes new + full moon reminders, images and creative prompts along with a seasonal essay to inspire and deepen your understanding of earth centered living. There are also special discounts for courses I offer, exclusive content you won't find on any of my social media channels and you can direct message me with questions or comments. Occasionally there will be guided journeys + meditations, personal rituals for connection to the earth, creative explorations for healing the soul, intuitive readings and writings. I'd love to welcome you into the circle and help guide you on your own inner path of creativity and earth connection. I post several times a month, for the moon phases and aim to create community and connection and deliver inspiration for you soul with my posts, essays, videos, creative invitations etc. In a changing world where we are all finding more connection and community online during a pandemic and in the years beyond, I deeply appreciate your support of the content I create and offer that brings healing and wholeness to the soul.

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