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Welcome to our forest of warm furry tales. Take a walk with the Little Fox and his friends on their exploration of love, wonder and courage.

Hello fellow earthlings! I am Jang, a children's book illustrator based in Singapore. My comics (and life) revolve around the Little Fox and a whole bunch of adorable animals trying to make sense of the perplex world, just as we do. They have been lovingly featured on Boredpanda (United States), Zaobao.sg (Singapore), Mothership.com (Singapore), Sina (China), GirlsMood (Hong Kong), Ipet (Taiwan) and Ze.tt (Germany). If you enjoy hanging out with us , please consider buying us a cup of coffee so that I can continue to work on this full-time! You also get to unlock monthly high-res prints and wallpaper with just a cup of coffee!

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