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I am a contributing photographer to The Thin Air Magazine covering gigs & events at West Cork’s award winning venues De Barra’s Clonakilty, Connolly’s of Leap, Levis’ Corner Bar, Ballydehob, and so many more.

While I've always tried to keep a documet of music and gigs I go to, I took this on as my little contribution to West Cork's music scene over 12 years ago. We have great venues working hard, to host bands willing to tour this way, and they've been some of the best gigs I've ever been to.

For the most part it's evolved organically. Berlin, New York, London, Paris, Detroit, D.C., Dublin, you name it, someone's got to document the local scene, right?

That's what I grew up with, those bands, those photographers and those venues.

I volunteered myself when no one was looking. 

I'm able to keep the work on this site going, running it parrallel with commissions, paid gigs and contributions from our community. It's not always easy financially, but we keep finding a way through the bleakest of days. 

To keep documenting the bands, music and artists who dare visit West Cork, keeping jasonxlee.com alive.

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