Jaymee Goh

Thank you for visiting my Ko-fi page! I write a multitude of things: Twitter threads on racism, cultural appropriation, and whiteness; fiction; poetry; reviews; interviews; etc. I am most known for my work on Silver Goggles, which examines steampunk from a postcolonial lens. I recently finished a PhD entitled Shades of Sepia: Examining Eurocentrism and Whiteness in Relation to Multiculturalism in Steampunk Iconograpy, Fandom, and Culture Industry, and am hoping to transform it into a series of online essays on my blog to spread it more widely, so please watch this space! I also write fiction and other non-steampunk-specific essays on a variety of platforms. If you are of a more visual inclination, I also create small pieces of embroidery that I post to my Instagram (instagram.com/jhameiagoh/), alongside my shenanigans in adventure cat training, among other silly things.

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