Writer of fiction, reviews, poetry, and critical theory observations on race and science fiction. In need of fuel to write long form fiction. In the face of today's pessimistic world, I write about finding love and utopias.

Jaymee Goh
Thank you for visiting my Ko-fi page! I write a multitude of things: Twitter threads on racism, cultural appropriation, and whiteness; fiction; poetry; reviews; interviews; etc. I am most known for my work on Silver Goggles, which examines steampunk from a postcolonial lens. I recently finished a PhD entitled Shades of Sepia: Examining Eurocentrism and Whiteness in Relation to Multiculturalism in Steampunk Iconograpy, Fandom, and Culture Industry, and am hoping to transform it into a series of online essays on my blog to spread it more widely, so please watch this space! Your tips will encourage me on my journey to break away from the academy. Returning to regular blogging alongside patronage will get me posting reviews, theoretical propositions, and interviews once more! I also write fiction and other non-steampunk-specific essays on my regular writing blog, A Probability of Being (http://jhameia.blogspot.com). If you are of a more visual inclination, I am writing a series of poetry in a notebook recycled from a hardcover self-help book called Finding the Love Of Your Life that I post to my Instagram (instagram.com/jhameiagoh/), alongside my adventures in nature photography, among other silly things.

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