Capital for Teh People Studio

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For my dream bb studio: any monies will go into nurturing lil sprout daydreams with purchase of materials, equipment, space, and labour.


Jasmine Gui is an interdisciplinary artist, and an arts programmer. She is the co-founder of TACLA (The Asian Canadian Living Archive), an initiative interested in dismantling and revisioning documentation and archival. She is also the founder of Project 40 Collective, a pan-Asian interdisciplinary artist collective, & managing editor at LooseLeaf magazine. Her work has been featured in pubs such as SineTheta, GUTS Magazine, The Spectatorial, Panorama Journal, Softblow, and the Hart House Review. She is the author of 2 chapbooks, boke (wordsonpages, 2017), and If A Carp Dreams Of The Milky Way (Penrose Press, 2019). In 2019, she was shortlisted in Room Magazine's Short Forms Contest. She is dreaming up Teh People, an interdisciplinary studio interested in world-building conversations. This studio also houses jabs (with Abby Ho), a collaborative experimental paper duo.

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Hello! Welcome to my lil ko-tea page. I'm using this platform, moving forward, as a way to offer a sliding scale rate for commissions, consults and editing services for folks!

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