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✧ Hello gorgeous!
» I'm Jiji, illustrator of:
• sassy ladies
• uniter of the cute & macabre
• ambassador of body positivity
• & more!
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Jiji Knight ✧
Hello! I'm Jiji. I studied illustration at the Academy of Art in foggy San Francisco and currently resides in my sunny hometown of Las Vegas with my papillon Kiki. Studying art is a strange pursuit to some but it's my passion. I wouldn't have survive my teenage years without it. And it's now my pleasure and honour to be able to call it my career.

However, studying art at a University is sadly very (very, very) expensive and every month I have a very hefty loan payment to make. I was a first generation hispanic college student and my parents couldn't be of any help to me unfortunately, and loans were the only way I had to make my dream happen with the frightening costs of schooling.

That being said, any leftover money every month (if there is any) goes into:
» My savings account! For when months are rough.
» More art supplies! To create more content or for commissions.
» More products! That means more fun pins for y'all, and I hope sometime soon, zines, totes, and so on.
» And overall, just helping me stay afloat so I can continue to bring art to the world.
So, truly, from the bottom of my heart I thank you for your support! No matter how big or small, it adds up and I am grateful.
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