Jessica Goodenough
Hi, I’m Jessica! 👨‍👩‍👦 I am a beginner mama, learning and sharing along the journey! Our little man was born in December 2019 and we’re now in a good groove after a rocky start. I’m engaged to “Daddy” and we’re planning our wedding for May 2021 (while renovating our house + raising a baby, eek!). 💖 I’m interested in personal growth, motherhood, interior design, style, wellbeing and making the world a better place. I write about all of these topics on this blog. You can find what I’m up to, including a few freebies here: 🍕 I believe what we eat is the foundation of health, so I eat a plant-based diet. I believe in balance too: I’d say my favourite food is either pizza or sushi! I used to mainly consider myself a runner, but yoga took over while I was pregnant and now I’m very much enjoying strength training. ☕ Other than that, I am a coffee (with oat milk!) enthusiast. My favourite TV show is Pretty Little Liars and now that I’ve watched all of it, I haven’t found anything to replace it! I listen to quite a few podcasts and generally have several books on the go – you can check my recommendations here: 🌍 Random fact: I now live in the United Kingdom, but I grew up in France. I’ve lived in four other countries for my studies: the United States, Italy, Belgium and Brazil. A big hello to you if you’re from any of those places! xxx Jessica

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