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Juan Muñiz
If you've landed here I'm assuming you have questions. I can't answer all of them but here's some that I think you might have: 1) Who am I and what do I do? - I'm just a guy with some stories to tell. Sometimes they have pictures. Currently, I'm the writer of a series called The Shadow Rule. Our new project is Omen, a manga miniseries with a first part to be released soon this holiday season. 2) What will your donation help with? -Every single dollar that comes from this page gets put into the production of whatever current project we are undertaking(probably manga). Making a manga is hard and time-consuming, but with your help, this story could grow faster than it ever could if it were just up to me. Put simply, the more support I receive the faster the pages keep coming! 3) What to expect? - I'll be posting artwork from the series such as character designs, bonus pages, high-resolution versions of the manga, and whatever else we come up with. I'll be posting updates regarding timelines and potential projects as well. 4) This is only the beginning!

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