Jonathan Wood

Whether games, books, or other content, I want your time to be spent in ways that are fun, exciting, and intriguing, as well as informative and engaging. Sometimes it's nice to turn off your brain for an hour (or six) and stream a show. But it's also fun to explore a new fantasy world in a videogame, or grapple with Big Ideas in a book. The latter type of content is what I'm trying to create. On here I'll be sharing my more refined projects (finished or near finished). If this page starts attracting more people I'll post more regular updates, however for now if you want early news on projects it's best to subscribe to my newsletter. I'm going to try to keep most if not all of my content free, however your contributions still mean a great deal. Beyond simply being incredibly motivating, they help me pay for help with aspects of my projects that I'd otherwise have to spend a lot of time doing myself (for example, the cover design of my first book). If donations grow enough that would also allow me to spend much more time creating. For thoughts on society and how we each can create real impact, read my book: The Descent Into Complete Order ( For other content/projects I'm working on, checkout my website! Or subscribe to my newsletter! (

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