Jonaya Riley
COMMISSIONS FOR WRITING ARE CURRENTLY CLOSED! Pay me to make things and I'll make things for you! NON-COMMERCIAL WRITING RATES: -Rough edit & basic formatting: ~$0.05/word -Polished edit & basic formatting: ~$0.10/word -Formatted PDF book: $20-$25/page DM me on Twitter for more details! NOTES: Rates assume basic writing with minimal world-building (e.g. fanfic, writing drabbles, slice-of-life type stuff, working with your OCs, etc.) or letting me do the world-building (e.g. "write me a horror story about a creature stalking a spaceship crew") - extended world-building or development of complex plotting will be charged extra. I will write not-safe-for-work pieces, with the following conditions: -Clients for must be 18+ -I will not write anything I am personally uncomfortable with (anything involving children, sexual assault, bestiality, incest, etc.) NON-COMMERCIAL VOICE ACTING RATES: (demo reel: -Character: $1-2/line ($25 min) depending on project -Narration: $25 per-finished minute ($50 minimum)

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