Thank you for trusting my work wouldn't suck! The [jonrevProjects] comprise of photography, research, collected artifacts, written musings, and live exhibits that share the history of – and sometimes eulogize – places of your memories, oft-overlooked, or forgotten by time. We’ll get into any kind of trouble as long as there’s a way, but heavily emphasize abandoned buildings, dead malls and retail history in the Chicago area and beyond. Due to extremely limited production, right now I don't have an online store for prints, and get that not everyone can make our monthly shows at ArtWauk. Currently, live exhibits and print sales are my only means of funding various creative and preservation efforts -- and ensuring they meet the high standards you've come to expect. I despise relying on ad revenue for income and refuse to run them wherever possible; and like most artists, I otherwise work a regular 8-5'er to support myself. If you love what we're doing and want to support the [jonrevProjects], let's have Ko-fi if you can! Be it one-time or often, we're grateful for anything you'd want to throw us! All funds go directly toward travel expenses, photography gear (mostly film), web expenses and future public exhibits.

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