Hey! 👋 I'm Jorijn Schrijvershof, a 32-year-old guy from The Netherlands. Just like you, I got excited when hearing about Mastodon. A free-for-all platform owned by everyone and no one at the same time, without the oversight of one significant corporate entity. I'm a DevOps guy, which means that I manage and design software and the infrastructure that it lives on. I started, aiming to provide a generic Mastodon instance, free for everyone to use. With the recent news, interest exploded, and we grew to over 10,000 people in under 12 hours. Servers cost money, and while I own my own business and these expenses are covered mainly by my R&D budget, it's still a lot to cover on my own. I want to help the network grow and still provide a steady, fast and secure environment for everyone on If you have a bit of money to spare, you would be helping out a lot and providing financial security for everyone hosted on this instance. Thanks a lot for reading this. Best, Jorijn Nb. Donations on this page are for the support of the Mastodon instance, not for the product or corporate entity Mastodon gGmbH. itself.

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