Welcome to my Ko-fi! With each one-time $3 donation, you can get a funny, expressive doodle, whipped up by me! After your donation, send me a character reference and a request for a particular expression, and I will get to doodling as soon as I am able! The doodle will be similar to the examples in my gallery. Colors, brushes, etc. are up to whatever I feel like at the moment. ☆★☆RULES☆★☆ ★Original characters only please! They don't have to be your own, but I would prefer only one degree of separation if they're not (as in, it can be a gift for a friend). ★You can also request a doodle of one of my own OCs, but I am not sure why you would want this. ★No inappropriate requests please. I am the judge of my own comfort level and will decline anything I am not cool with drawing. ★Multiple characters or expressions will require an appropriate donation (e.g. $6 for two characters). Thanks for stopping by! P.S. If you want a full-blown commission, the details are at my Carrd:

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