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Hi I'm Jo. I like to illustrate the whimsical characters and creatures I meet on adventures within my imagination

Jo Willowtails
🍄 ABOUT 🍄 My name is Jo, and I am on a quest to become a full-time freelance illustrator for books, animation & games. I dwell within my imagination where I meet many creatures & see many enchanting lands, then I document them with my brushes & pens. My creations frequently depict fungi & faeries. I am fascinated by faerie circles & I have found that faeries have a lot of use for mushrooms & toadstools. After a rough time with a long term injury, I have become solely focused on my fantasy watercolour art. I would love to paint & draw many more of these ethereal images for you & build on my portfolio. 🌻 JOINING MY QUEST 🌻 You can support my ambition to become a full time freelance illustrator by donating or subscribing to my art with Ko-fi. In doing so, you’re taking me closer to being able to produce & publish my own content. I am very grateful for the encouragement each donation gives me. Contributions here go towards materials & exciting projects, every little bit helps. 🎃 COMMISSIONS 🎃 Ko-fi is one way to commission an illustration from me when commissions are labelled as open.

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