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Jen Parroccini (JP Knits Things)

Why Ko-fi? I'm going to be super candid. Knitting is usually considered a hobby, a leisure activity, a little frivolous. But if you have a body that has been ignored, abused, or shamed by the ready-to-wear industry, then making your own clothes is political. It matters. Likewise, if we're ever going to create a more sustainable planet, we need to consume less, and we need to use what we own. As knitters, that means making garments that get worn until they wear out. Whatever your reason for finding me, I'll bet you also think knitting is more than just a luxurious hobby. In our way, we are all in it to change the world. A rebellion of one that's a collective movement. I love designing patterns that give knitters the tools they need to make sweaters that fit perfectly and reflect their identities. AND I love talking to y'all about fit & modifications and pulling back the curtain on what goes into designing so that you can use that info to plan your next, best-fitting sweater. I believe it takes both - well-written, expertly graded patterns and the education to make them your own - to create the world we want to see. I'm committed to continuing to educate knitters through in-depth blog posts, technical and inspiring newsletters, and on my Instagram platform. If you leave me a tip on Ko-fi or sign up for one of my membership tiers, you're partnering with me to keep that content sustainable.

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