Julian Doe
Patronage & Integrity There was a time while back when I was making music, content, and youtube videos as little more than a side hobby for my own entertainment. After a while I decided to put all my efforts, learning new skills, investing in myself to utilize my talent and my knowledge to create my own career. But doing so it’s not easy and even paying the regular day-to-day bills it’s hard. I can’t hide the fact that the pandemic severely hit me both emotionally and economically reducing, even more, my financial stability. I then started looking to places where the donations and the generosity of the people who enjoy my content can help me to support my journey. I’ve found this way to be more in line with my beliefs than accepting sponsorships and partnerships with companies that can compromise my integrity. There are artists that I’ve grown distant from because of these behaviors. I’m open to make several different jobs in the music industry and I want to spend more time making music and content, interacting with my audience giving them what they enjoy and not what I’m obligated to do. My goal is to be supported by my audience and my own work. It will keep me beholden to all of my audience. It means that if my quality drops or my contents aren’t appropriate if begin to slack in and turn into something I shouldn’t be then it will hit me and I’ll see the results of that. This will also disincentivize temptations to accept money from people that don’t respect my integrity as a musician, producer, and composer. However, when it comes to promotions or recommendations, I’m setting for myself some obvious basic ground rules to make sure that I’m not biased and I’m doing the best thing for my audience. I will never accept money for good reviews. I will never suppress my own opinion to promote anything. I will never accept works from people that promote or encourage violence, racism, sexism, or any other kind of disrespect for the values that make me the person that I am. Let me know what are your thoughts about this. I think I’m putting myself in a position where I’m being as clear and transparent as I possibly can for you. I want to be honest and I will be honest with you. But what you think about it is also important to me as well. If you have concerns, let me know. The money that will come from this platform will be treated primarily as Income. This means that I don’t need to spend time doing some other job, but I can concentrate my efforts and my energies doing the things that you enjoy. In this way, your generosity will be re-invested to make better and more suitable content. Thanks for reading. Have a wonderful day Julian

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