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We'd like to swap the 3D printer over to using powerpole connectors, ideally via a Chunzehui F-1012 panel-mount connector block. We need at least a 6-slot, and the 12 slot would give us room to expand the externally accessible I/O a bit.


We are the Kaelars, a found family of activists in the Cascadia (and adjacent) bioregions. We value your input! We share our knowledge, resources, and library freely with allies and friends. Capitalists, fascists, and other abusers-and-their-apologists can go kick rocks in flip-flops. We practice the art forms of engineering, woodworking, and general construction, and dabble in writing, photography, and music, while holistically pursuing sustainable tech to enable collaboration and mutual aid, and mutual learning. (subscriptions via Stripe only, please!)

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Kaelar Collective
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