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Hi there! =^w^= I'm just your typical uni student and cosplay enthusiast. Your support would mean so much to me to keep doing what I love and sharing it with you all!

Cosplay has been a very inviting experience for me to be able to challenge myself in all sorts of art forms: acting in character, versatile makeup styles, sewing and prop making....which can become really exhausting to keep up with all the waifus I want to be! But thanks to my family of friends and fans, your motivation and support have been keeping me going for the past several years ^^ I don't plan on quitting anytime soon, however realistically, school/career is much more of a priority so I don't have time to work on things anymore like I used to. I made this ko-fi page to be able to let you guys know that if you really enjoy my work you are free to show your support whenever and however much you'd like; it's all up to you! Anything goes a long way because it'll contribute to keeping me cosplaying more than if I were to go without :'D Thanks to you all, I've been able to reach several goals already! I've been able to get that Canon 6D and Sigma lens!!!! Like WHAT. you guys are INCREDIBLE. Never in my life would I have imagined this would have been possible T_T <3 I'm still working out ways to do photoshots on my own because I also need to think about lighting and other studio shenanigans, but I will share with you the results in due time. I'm overwhelmed with the kindness and support you have all given me, and I cherish each and every one of these donations. They really go a long way and help me out alot, and I hope to share with you the happiness you have given me! ~ * Kaeri * ~ ^w^

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