Because of neurodivergence and low energy, I'm only taking 2 slots for headshot icons right now. I'm much faster with getting sketches out (they'll only take me a day or less), but full digital art pieces will take about 2-3 days depending on complexity. If you're giving me a Kofi with the intention to commission me, please let me know in the message field (i.e., if you wanted a sketch, you'd send me $3 and write something like "for a sketch") and then PM me your reference sheet offsite (my links are in the "support kaijufriend" section in the sidebar)! Price guide: $3: Flat sketch in my sketchbook $6: I'll outline your sketch with a pen and a little bit of artistic liberty digital coloring. If you want, I can throw some cute stickers and filters on it for no extra charge $9: Digital outline, black and white; no color, can be made transparent for no extra charge so you can color it to your own liking $12: Full digitally colored icon complete with a background > +$3: Complex characters that are wearing a lot of clothing/accessories/are heavily adorned (many horns, eyes, etc.) What I can do: 💜 Anthros 💜 Ferals 💜 Humanoids 💜 Humans What I can't do: 💢 Mechs/machinery 💢 Realism/hyperrealism* 💢 18+/adult *Heads up, my style is pretty cartoony and shading/rendering isn't exactly my strong suite. See my examples below.

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