Im a longtime gamer from NJ who also enjoys the outdoors, photography and comics and an advocate for mental health issues! I try to attend a few comic and video game shows throughout the year around NJ including NY Comic Con. I also cosplay on occasion, couple of them being Rick from Rick & Morty and SMB1 Fire Luigi. I'm currently working to update Fire Luigi to the modern Fire variant as well as Mario maker 2 Luigi. I've been a longtime gamer and currently have a game collection which includes games from Atari 2600, Sega CDX, NES, SNES, N64, Dreamcast and PS2, and a PS3. I've enjoyed comics most of my life and a longtime Marvel fan, and enjoy getting my books signed as shows too! I've also enjoyed nature and the outdoors for a long time and my enjoyment of photography extends to taking photos of nature, my cats, as well as various cosplays and things at the shows I attend. I'm slowly, thanks to time, money and mental blocks, getting into doing more gaming content besides my blog. I run my consoles and i do emulation via my phone and working to make gameplay videos. I really enjoy RPGs the most! I want to get into streaming but due to the aforementioned issues most i can do right now is off my pc with emulators probably until I get a capture card and the equipment. Supporting me will help me create more videos and blog posts, discover new games, going to shows and help support me in getting my life back together after a number of missteps as well! Thanks for coming!

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