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I'm Kamunt! I am a struggling university student and extremely online person. I'm looking for paid computer science internships in my last year there in between posting about American politics from a queer Hispanic leftist perspective and furry nonsense a lot, as well as crafting various kinds of electronic music when I get the chance to.

Until I can land a paid internship in computer science or an adjacent field, money is very tight for me in university now that I am living on my own. Anything that cuties like you (yes, you!) can spare to help support me would be amazingly appreciated. I should have a cash infusion coming in mid-October to help with food and such, but until then, any donations will go towards food bills, and afterwards to help pay for my excursion to Midwest Furfest in November/December, something I use to recharge my metaphorical batteries to keep me sane throughout the year. I cannot possibly thank you enough for taking the time to consider me, and I hope that this day finds you well. 🧡

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