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Professional nerd making news happen for Crunchyroll, Viewster, Onezumi Events, and beyond. Looking expand my scope and put my expertise in the creative field into action, helping fellow creators make the most of their work.

Your donations may go to tea instead of coffee, but they'll also help me get more active in the community and create more and better things for you all!

Kara Dennison:

Donate at least $3 and get:
-- Cute mobile and desktop wallpapers featuring Ollie the Guinea Pig
-- An original fantasy short story, "Silent Sister and Lavender Princess"
-- An expanded analysis of award-winning game "Doki Doki Literature Club"
-- A guide to must-see anime celebrating a major anniversary in 2017

THESE ITEMS ARE ONLY AVAILABLE UNTIL DECEMBER 31!!! Grab them now before they're gone!

BONUS: Donate $12 or more and you can request a mini fanfic of your choice!


Thanks for swinging by! I know how tough it is to decide where and how to give to creators you enjoy. Most of what I do is widely available, either via my blog or via sites like Crunchyroll and Viewster.

But extra financial support from fans helps me do a LOT of stuff I wouldn't be able to do otherwise, such as:

-- Keep my hardware and software updated to make my output its best
-- Fund first runs of print books
-- Cover costs for out-of-town trips
-- Give back to the businesses and creators who help ME
-- Buy more tea

And with more financial flexibility, I can think of new things, and actually take requests when people send them!

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