Katherine Liu
Hi there! Thanks for visiting my Ko-fi page 💕 I'm a designer and illustrator, and I love making art and software that makes people's days a little better. My partner and I create a lot of software projects together, most of which are free to use or have a free option! If you find our tools useful and want to support our work, you can buy us a coffee here—your support really means a lot to us, and it helps us keep making cool projects! Here are some examples of our projects: 🗒 Harken (https://harkenapp.com) - an app that uses science-backed strategies to help you study and remember important things. 🐱 Minymon (https://www.minymon.com) - cute and helpful pets for your website or online shop. 🐦 Nifty Airdrop (https://www.niftyairdrop.xyz) - a simple tool for NFT artists to find their collectors' wallet addresses to send them special thank you tokens.

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