Food and a bit of rent for the Quarantineyweenyweeny (however long that might be)

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Hey team! I've had all of my gigs and live-work cancelled over the next few months due to the quarantine time. Until I find some ways to "work from home" as a performer if you like what I do and fancy helping to tide me over for food and a bit o'rent over the next few weeks, that would be absolutely AMAZING! AND for a limited time only, I will be drawing crap portraits for anyone that wants to commission one (see commissions tab above) - they're only £5! THANK YOU CHAMPS! x


Hello! It's your old pal Pritchy here. I make comedy and music and sometimes do silly art as well. I self-produce almost everything that I do, I also design all of my artwork, make all of my own costumes, and record all of my songs and at home! Anyway, if you fancy helping me out in any way, I'd really appreciate it! It's hard to make money in this line of work, especially at the moment with all of my work cancelled now for the foreseeable future. As a live act, the next few months are gonna be pretty tough on the olde purse strings, hopefully, we can all go back to normal in a few weeks. But, until then, if you want to help fund my next show (I'm doing my debut hour at Edinburgh Fringe BABY!) and my broccoli addiction I'd love you forever xx

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