Pottery Wheel & Art Supples

3% of $400 goal

Hoping to get a pottery wheel to make mugs, bowls, planters and plates. Hoping to give them as gifts and offer them online. I also desperately need need canvases and plaint.


My name is Kaza Marie and I create content around finding immersive experiences, storytelling and some of the magic that exists within our world. In my content, I advocate for what experiences has to teach us. When we go to events for fun and play together in a safe place, we are able to explore who we are. We are able to replace past memories of failure with new ones of success. We can become the people we have always dreamed of. And after the event is over, we have the tools to identify how to make those changes in our own reality. I hope you enjoy some of the messages behind the work that I put into the world. Thank you for visiting this page and becoming apart of it.

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Kaza Marie
Documenting the places where magic is real.

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