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My name is Kaza Marie and I create content for larpers. For years I have traveled under the name Larp Girl, documenting the adventures of live action role play. I create videos about the larps I visit in hopes to inspire others to join in on all the fun. On my website, feeds and channels, you will find content about live action role play. I use social media to connect with larpers around the world and help prepair them for their first event! Among my videos, there are larp reviews, best practices blogs, consulting advice for designing larps, trusted vendors, trusted larps and a few of my own designs. To me, larp is art. Not only a way for myself to expression my messages, but for others as well. Live action role play has changed my life by offering safe places to practice new experiences. Larpers call upon their preforming arts skills, crafting and storytelling abilities to weave together a collaborative event. I find a lot of beauty in larps. Not only by what people create for themselves, but what we create together. Larp Girl is the name I use to host my content. For years, I used the name to create content that expressed my views on live action role play. I shared concepts that were new to many and found best practices within the roots we grew larp communities. Larp Girl was always meant to be a voice that was not often heard. Someone who was new to larp and full of new ideas. I'm happy that moving forward with the Larp Girl website, that name will become something more. The brand will showcase many other voices, not just my own, that wish to speak their truths about larping. In my content, I advocate for what larp has to teach us. When we go to events for fun and play together in a safe place, we are able to explore who we are. We are able to replace past memories of failure with new ones of success. We can become the people we have always dreamed of. And after the event is over, we have the tools to identify how to make those changes in our own reality. I hope you enjoy some of the messages behind the work that I put into the world. Thank you for visiting this page and becoming apart of it.

Kaza Marie
Documenting adventures into the realms of live action role play by capturing the people and experiences around these events.

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