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Kell Inkston here: The polygonal shapes aren't for me- they're for this nutty Polygonal Shape Enthusiast Minion dude. He's totally uncool about waiting around, and I'm running out of things to give him that can be roughly interpreted as "polygonal", so I really need some help here. He keeps going on and on about some "Great Cause" and "Golden Pentagon" things I have no clue about but I'm sure some shapes would help calm him down. Oh, and I'll be sure to make it worth your time if you do decide to help me out. I can keep writing short stories, novels, and web serials so long as I keep getting my hands on polygonal shapes to give this lunatic, so it's definitely a priority to keep the whole thing running smoothly. Thanks so much for your support. As a special thanks I'll recognize you as a supporter in the credits for the next book released.

Polygonal Shape Enthusiast Minion
Shapes! Shapes! I need more sh-sh-SHAPES! Straight lines only! Anything less is HORRIBLE! I will never give up! I WILL FIND THE GOLDEN PENTAGON Much shapes, -Polygonal Shape Enthusiast Minion!!!

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