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Hello there everyone! I'm KeMarcY, a Hobbyist game developer currently working on Life Composer. Today I'm launching my ko-fi page and walk you through what you can get here. You can always donate a one-time small amount which will grant you a Supporter role on our Discord IF your ko-fi profile is connected to your Discord. I also have 3 monthly tiers that will grant you private supporter channels and even more stuff. On the Simple Key tier, you get secret sneak peeks about how the game really works, with the Golden Key tier you can even try out Alpha builds. But if you decide to join the Mystical key you get all this stuff and you don't have to buy the game when it comes out as I'll provide you a free key. Wait there's more! If you decide to stay in this tier for 3 months you get to create your own NPC for Life Composer! The option is yours, but whatever you choose keep it in your heart that you helped a game's development.

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