ꀘꏂ꓄꓄꒤ ꋊꏂ꒐꓄ꄲ
I am above all an illustrator. I use almost all of my free time on drawing, designing and writing. I'm very used to that and it comes naturally to me. Always has. What do design in my free time? Almost everything I do has to do with personal projects and consepts for comics or books I want to publish in the future. These stories and visual projects have kept me busy my whole life and only now as I have started to gain the confidence in myself as an artist and as a designer I've started to branch out onto social platforms. My strong suit is drawing. Although I mainly do character designs for fun and for my book/comic projects, I have also done logos, backgrounds and even tattoo designs, so my skills are multifaceted. Whatever I picture in my mind I can draw it with time and full concentration. So what are the pros? I am patient and I will ensure that the goal of the visual product or concept is completely 100 percent perfect down to a tee. All I ask is you give me plenty of references and ensure that what you want is very specific, the more I know about what you want or seek for your product, The more satisfied you will be with the final result. Either way I assure you that my skillsets and commissions are worth the time and money invested. Thank you for reading.

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