KS Hernandez
Hey everybody! I'm so happy to have you in this space. Please get comfy, settle in, read a bit of poetry! Join Wlogmas with me, a daily writing un-challenge. It's like a Vlog but with writing. Access my medium for more info... This a new space for me and I love it! It's an opportunity for me to connect with people who appreciate what I do as a writer. I've committed my heart and mind to becoming a professional full-time writer but what I didn't realize was that thinking like a full-time writer starts right away, and that means setting aside time within the 24 hours in a day, that we've all been given, to hone that craft. That's what my ko-fi is about, to help me do just that, and if you've made it this far, then you must believe in me, some. I thank you and appreciate you in advance.

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