Kima Prince

Thank you for taking a look at my Ko-Fi! I'll be using the money from this to support my Game Dev and other creative works such as pixel art. I'm a Game Dev with a love for RPG Maker. I released two games in 2019: Well, Yu Will Be A Prince and Waffle Cone and the asset pack series Retro RPG! For the last few years my mental health and just life in general have kicked me in the butt and zapped my creativity, but here in 2023 I'm going to just keep swimming--er--creating! Current Project: Rapunzel's Flower The Princess is sick with an unknown illness and you are tasked with a quest to heal her with the Rapunzel's Flower. However, attempts to complete the quest are interrupted by the emergence of a new villain in the kingdom. Will you and your new friends be able to stop the villain, find the Rapunzel's Flower, and heal the Princess? Thank you and God bless, Kima Prince

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