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Hello there!
I'm a french cosplay, loving crafting armors and props
Contribution will go to cosplay materials (see below for more details)

My cosplay page:

Hello there !
I'm a french cosplayer since 2002. I love crafting and sewing. I realy enjoy bringing characters to life. Over the yearsI made about 100 costumes, and for the past few years I'm focusing on armor style costumes.
I also like to share my "work in progress" pictures to help people with their own costumes. You can see all of that for free on my facebookpage and instagram account.

I opened a Ko-fi account so people who wants to encourage me or just like my work can contribute to my future costumes. Every euro/dollar counts and will be invested on cosplay material exclusively ;)

Thank you for your love and support <3


Cosplay materials

6% of goal

Every Coffee counts!

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