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I have been writing for around 30 years in various fields such as mystery, urban fantasy, horror, and traditional fantasy. Most recently I published Turing Shrugged, a science fiction novel exploring the nature and requisite conditions of humanity.

Kitty Chandler:
Welcome to my Ko-Fi page! Currently this is set up because if I don't set up a tip jar for working on a compilation of information about Patreon alternatives my Editrix will throw a cat at me.

Also, I'm working on a compilation of Patreon alternatives! Including payout details, terms of services, linked or affiliated businesses such a PayPal or Stripe, and so on. If you have it to spare, I'd be grateful if you'd put a bit in the tip jar as it takes about an hour to two hours per organization, and there are at least ten of them that I've seen so far.

(This message will self destruct on termination of the project, to be replaced by a more general one.)
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