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I have been writing for around 30 years in various fields such as mystery, urban fantasy, horror, and traditional fantasy. Most recently I published Maybe She's Born With It (Maybe It's Malachy), an urban fantasy novel about three sisters who fight demons in between their beauty blogging careers.

Kitty Chandler
Welcome to my Ko-Fi page! This is my tip-jar because my Editrix threatened to throw a cat at me if I didn't set one up. Also because diversification of income is a good thing. Life advice.

Currently I and my partner are dealing with some lingering vet bills as well as the most recent in a long series of gradual step-by-step improvements to our lovely antebellum house. We redid the office in May of 2018, for the curious, and we have some trees that need trimming before they take down our power lines. But in essence and in both cases, the tip money will go towards giving me more freedom to take off a couple hours of day job so I can write more.

Thank you for visiting! Please feel free to visit my website as well, there are a number of free stories on there that I hope you will enjoy.

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