Hello, Thank you so much for looking at this page. I am an artist, on a path of self-improvement. I love to learn new things and techniques! I am also a writer; the creator of the Forever Young Eternity- series. And, since I can draw a bit, I also create my own covers and artworks. In the past 15-20 years I changed a lot, like every artist does. With your help, I can buy new materials or books on how to improve my art. I am, as they say, self-taught. I am often asked for workshops, where my goal is not only to teach people new things, but also to encourage them to pick up a pencil as a whole! Everyone can draw and everyone can improve (some are just quicker than others). Do you want to see more of my work? Feel free to look at my DeviantArt-account: ( ) or my Instagram ( ). All the Fan-Art I create will always be free to see, as my goal is to never make money of the properties of others (I won't sell Fanarts), unless explicit permission. (I will post some images in my Ko-fi gallery as well, in the nearby future)

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