🎨 ART Kommishuns! 🎨 1-3 Kofis gets you rough line art 4-7 Kofis gets you a some roughly painted in shading (monochrome, you can pick the tint) and a simple background 8 Kofis or more gets you a drawing with clean line art (if u want, some like it rough ;D) and your choice of either cel shading or fully textured/painterly styled art, or a mix of both! (check out my newgrounds page I've linked in the bio, to get a look at everything I've done so far!). Also a slightly more elaborate background if you want! But nothing crazy detailed. 🎬 ANIMATION Kommishuns! 🎬 (COMING SOON, TO A KOFI NEAR YOU) 🛑RULES🛑 - These prices are for one single character, if you want additional characters, add another 50% of the original price for each additional character. - I will draw basically any * art you want, as long as it's not depicting anything illegal (minors or hateful). Give me a way to contact you personally as I won't be posting any * publicly here. - Not so much a rule as it is common courtesy to give a reference for the character(s) you want drawn!!

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