Kotołak (Werecat)

Hello Stranger! At the beginning I want to warn you - politically incorrect content happens and I`ll never apologise for my thoughts and point of view because it`s offending someone`s feelings. Truth, in general, is very offending... it offended me many times and never apologised. I`m a very logical creature and I care about facts, not feelings. If I didn`t scare you out, then welcome on my page! My name is Magdalena. I live in Eastern Poland near the city called Siedlce. I`m female (I say this because some people have a problem with proper identification of my biological sex) musician, music theory geek, philosophy lover, beginner linguist, graduated zootechnican and unemployed autistic with many mental health problems including PTSD. Kotołak (pl. werecat) is my solo progressive metal project. It`s the only place in the Universe when I can use my pattern-thinking mind. That`s why I will be the only composer and lyric writer in this "band". However, my goal is to play on the stage. So... what can you find here? Despite my warring I`m not very engaged in politics, but some "social and political phenomena" has an impact on my music (especially "New World Order" album). You can see here my path - everyday struggles, the process of making music, my falls and rises and beauty and the nightmare of living with Asperger's Syndrome... and of course - my cats and dogs photos (what`s the most interesting for people). WANT TO SUPPORT ME? I don`t want to lie - financial support is the most needed. You can buy me a "coffee" or pay for my work buying my demo records. However, it doesn't mean that I don`t appreciate other kinds of supporting like: following on social media, liking and sharing my stuff, showing my content to others or just helping me. MY CURRENT PROBLEMS: - I can`t leave the "demo stage" behind. - I can`t find proper musicians to play with. - I can`t afford a good music producer. - Due to my social skills, I need "my team" for marketing and social connections. Of course, I have to pay them first. - I have a problem with getting services like graphic design. - Due to lack of services in Poland, I have to pay in $ and PLN is going weaker and weaker every day. - I also need to pay for medical services and my therapy. Everything that could help me to mover forward is appreciated. Thank you in advance! I hope to see you in Werecat`s family!

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