***Translation commissions are CLOSED at the moment. Will be reopened mid to late January! Art commissions are CLOSED~ Process: *Fill out the following Google form BEFORE ordering: https://forms.gle/cQqk6zohe4UCW2oK7 *Leave a message with the kou-fi donation that contains the name, email, and some basic info that defines the commission (ex: video link) you filled in on the form. *I will contact you within 2 days of ordering to confirm the details. If I don't, please email me at koudeere@gmail.com. *I will email you either a download link or image once the order is completed. - 1 kou-fi/$3 == video max of 5 minutes 2 kou-fi/$6 == video longer than 5 min & max of 10 minutes 4 kou-fi/$12 == video longer than 10 min & max of 15 minutes 7 kou-fi/$21 == video longer than 15 min & max of 20 minutes - Note: *Videos may not be animated the same way my YouTube typically is. *I may post art/videos unless you ask me not to. *Japanese is not my first language so there will be a certain degree of error. For any questions or clarifications please email me or DM on Twitter @koudeere. Thank you so much for your support!! ♡

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